Apr 08 2011

Ice, Water, Mud & Pasta

Category: Eating Out,Kazakhstan,WeatherChrisM @ 11:56 pm

It seems that Britain and Kazakhstan are in sync with the weather changing (if not the actual temperatures) right now. We spoke to Dad earlier today so he could see Anna via the webcam, and discovered that the UK is also experiencing warm weather. Although Kazakhstan is not yet in t-shirt and shorts weather, nearly all ice patches have melted, and temperatures reached 17 degrees Celsius, at least in the sun. Anna did look towards the playground area hopefully at lunchtime, whilst we were walking towards the car (luckily the play equipment is all metal, I hate to think what would happen to any wooden swing sets unlucky enough to be left out in a Kazakh winter that hits minus 35C at times!), however the ground around the slides et al is still water logged – wellies and old clothes might just be OK, but we were on a mission to pick Irina up from work and enjoy a lunch eating out for once. We headed to a new Italian restaurant that I forgot to note the name of. It is in the Mega shopping centre, on the top floor. Next to the indoor man-made rock climbing area, it has replaced the fast food Big Mammas outlet. Ira’s spag bol was definitely nothing to write home about, but with few customers to speak of the service was good, and the carbonara was just right. Happy to return there (I’ll remember the name this time) and try out there pizzas next time.