Sep 07 2007

I Can’t Believe I Missed It!

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 1:22 am

As long term readers will know, I have been following a blogger’s preparations for a charity road trip in Austria. He is the author of my favourite plugin (WP-Headline Animator, see my “Extras” link at the top of each page), and his trip is to be on a moped.
Except it looks like I have missed the start of it 🙁 Check his site (StarBlog) for more details, but in case he has not yet completed his trip, I wish him the best of luck and a safe journey. All proceeds raised are going to a childrens charity, and the man himself is a bloody nice bloke, to quote a Harry Enfield character (Tim Nice-But-Dim?). I am not sure which logo won his contest in the end, nor when it ends. I’ve just checked the road trip specific section, but as I don’t know the total length of his journey, I can’t figure out when he will finish, even with the 200/300km per day target he has set.
Anyway, I am sure we will hear from him when he gets a moment to relax 🙂

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