Jun 14 2012

Hypnotizing And WordPress 3.4

Category: Personal,WordPressChrisM @ 5:40 pm

One of the primary motivations for writing this particular post is to check whether this text will turn up automatically on my facebook profile, as blog postings used to, before fb turned off automatic importing to notes.
Anyway, back to the secondary reasons for this post…
1) I have a small confession. Tim has been a lot more difficult to settle to sleep, compared to Anna. Anna would often require a few lullabies to be sung to her before settling down, but I often found that Tim would exhaust my somewhat limited repertoire, requiring 4 complete cycles before finally giving up the fight with consciousness. So a couple of weeks ago I started experimenting with using basic hypnotherapy phrases. Obviously most of the words don’t actually mean anything to him yet, but I’m guessing it is the slow, low, quiet voice that helps him to start snoozing a lot quicker. If he is already tired, I don’t even need to sing sometimes (better for his ear drums at least), and even if he is still relatively awake, the little “relaxing your muscles, sinking deeper into the mattress, harder and harder to keep your eyes open etc. etc.” spiele seems to make only a few songs necessary before he will start ZZZ-ing. I don’t think this makes me a bad parent, perhaps many people do this and I’ve just not heard of it before. Anyway, any comments from fellow parents, or even friends who want to take a cheap shot? 🙂
Secondly, WordPress 3.4 is out now. I’ve upgraded my main blogs, and once nothing catastrophic has happened for a couple of days, I’ll go through upgrading all my other niche blogs. If they all seem to survive the transition, I’ll start logging into the sites that I administer for friends. I prefer to test out new versions (unless critical security problems have been found and fixed in a release) on my own sites first, as it looks a lot better if I have a solution to any minor hiccups to hand, rather than saying “ummm, no idea, that is weird, I’ll look into it for you” 🙂
Anyway, check out one of the official info pages for the new release here.
Ah, mustn’t forget, I wanted to add an image to check how facebook handled it and any possible auto-thumbnail generation procedures.

Full credit to failblog for the original heads up on this fb post!

Full credit to failblog for the original heads up on this fb post!

That will do!