May 12 2007

Howl’s Moving Castle

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Howl’s Moving Castle – Diana Wynne Jones

Since researching the book for this review, I’ve discovered it has been made into a film (anime-style animation), so would someone please remind to search it out next time I’m back in the UK? Thanks 🙂
Anyway, although classified as a fairy tale suitable for children, don’t be at all put off; this book held my attention throughout, as Irina will attest. The plot revolves around the eldest daughter in a family, and her aspirations for more exciting things. Unfortunately she gets what she wishes for, when she, in an uncharacteristic moment, she insults the local witch. The Witch of the Waste in fact (still trying to figure out if this is a Wizard Of Oz reference or not). The daughter finds herself cursed, and takes on the appearance of an old crone. Rather than moaning (too much) she takes this as a spur to experience some more of life, and sets off on an adventure.
It is difficult to say much more without revealing plot lines, but there is a Wizard, an assistant, a fire demon and many other fantastical elements involved.

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