Sep 08 2010

How Often Is Too Often?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:40 am

At some point in the future we will be moving back to Britain, and Anna will most likely not be at home all day by that point. This means that both Irina and I will be able to (ha, like we would have a financial choice 🙂 ) work, whether it be full time, part time or temp work. I have decided to try and plan ahead and check out the job scene within the IT sector in advance. I don’t know whether I hope for an engineering job (I used to work as a credit card terminal installer/repairer/staff trainer), technical support (most of my recent roles) or perhaps something a little different.
Being realistic, I suspect it will depend on where we live, and the positions available at the time. Anyway, having already signed up to LinkedIn (see my profile here), I thought it was time I start collating references, especially as a lot of my old bosses don’t work for the same company any more, and so I asked a few clients, colleagues and former employers to leave a comment there. Even Kate said something nice! I also decided to start looking at the different groups there, and was surprised to find quite a lot of “content” that appeared to be little more than spam, by a resume résumé resumé CV writing service company, on the IT Job Board group. I was wondering if any other members saw this in other groups and whether it was accepted as normal behaviour or not? I am not writing this question over there, because perhaps this frequency and topic of posting is considered normal? Anyway, if you don’t want to answer publicly, feel free to e-mail me (see the Contact Me section on this page), or send me a message at LinkedIn.

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