Aug 10 2007

How Not To Handle Customers

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Just prior to my hard drive crashing, I came across a post on an Irish blog, that really caught my attention. The main reason is that I will be flying out to Amsterdam, then Britain, then a little while later, making the return journey. To save a few hundred dollars, the trip is actually over 3 legs, with the Amsterdam>Britain>Amsterdam sections with a different company to the Astana>Kaliningrad>Amsterdam>Kaliningrad>Astana section. Given that I will need to transfer the luggage myself, I was a little concerned when I read about the level of customer service that Damien Mulley received from an Irish luggage handling company called Sky Handling Partners. Anyway, check out his post on how a staff member signed him up to several gay dating sites, after he complained about his luggage being lost.
If you get a moment, check the rest of the blog out as well – there were quite a few interesting posts, and worthy links there as well.
(Nope, not a sponsored post, just liked his blog enough to link to it 🙂 )

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