Apr 01 2011

How Not To Behave

Category: In The Media,Kazakhstan,VideosChrisM @ 12:54 am

This video is Kazakhstan related, though it does date back to twelve years ago, when a surprise candidate entered a Presidential election here at the last minute. He appears on a TV show to be interviewed by a brave/bored of a mundane life journalist.

The man in army fatigues is Gani Kasymov, a presidential candidate in this year’s elections. The journalist interviewing him doesn’t really mince words and accuses the then Customs Committee chief of being a megalomaniac, that his election campaign funds came from bribes that he acquired from his work in Customs, and then to top if off, asks if he is an alcoholic. If your Russian is as basic as mine, checkout EurasiaNet.org’s article (that originally led me to the video) here. If you’re too lazy to read and just want to skip to the video punchline, you’ll want to skip to around the 5’35” mark. I think. YouTube is misbehaving right now. Ah, scrap that, just re-read the EurasiaNet article, the timestamp you’re looking for is 6’38”.