Feb 06 2011

How Many Will Return To Play The Last Video Again?

Category: VideosChrisM @ 4:29 pm

I noticed (whilst searching for posts that were viewed when people searched for Guns and Roses Astana) that the video of a “Groovy Dancing Girl” (Daft Punk Dance) was broken. It looks as though boreme.com changed their embed code at some point. In case you can’t be bothered to click the link above, here is the video again…

Apparently this is the same dancer (the tune is Sirens by Autoban)… Oh, btw, she has her own page here, but it is with MySpace, so be warned that it will feel like you’ve gone back in time by a decade!

“Sirens” – Autoban from Souljacker on Vimeo.

Finally, whilst searching for the original video to grab the new embed code, the following popped up. Quite possible the girl on the left is a little bit drunk?

OK, for some reason boreme videos are NOT embedding at all. I’ve found it on metacafe, but it is lower quality, so here is the higher quality version.