Aug 04 2007

Hotels That Charge By The Hour

Category: Amsterdam,PersonalChrisM @ 2:42 am

and I am referring to Amsterdam! So, is this post going to be on the Red Light District?
NO. Instead I wanted to mention that Schiphol airport is to open a hotel, placed BEYOND the security and passport check areas. Rather than rushing to the airport, just to find no queues at check in etc, or indeed the opposite, assuming that 1 hour will be enough to actually get to your gate, you can simply arrive early, get air side, and then relax in a hotel, safe in the knowledge that when your flight is called, you simply have to wander on over.
This will also be useful for people who want to be refreshed, mis-journey. As Amsterdam’s Schihpol airport is a hub, with many airlines using it to ferry passengers onto their final destinations, I can see this hotel getting a fair amount of business.
London’s Gatwick airport already has one of these ‘Yotel’s (if someone could let me know why that name, I’d be greatful), and this will in fact be the 3rd in the entire world.
So, sorry to disappoint anyone expecting something seedy, I hope you aren’t too upset.

My thanks to Puffin13 over at the ACD forums for bringing this fact to my attention.

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