Dec 01 2009

Hitting The Beach With Anna

Category: Anna's Videos,Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 5:30 pm

Skipping forward a little, this camcorder video was shot on the 22nd of March, meaning Anna was now one month and a day old. Seb had come over ( 🙂 ), and we decided to have a walk along Port Talbot beach, so he, I, Irina, Anna and Gwen all piled into the car, and drove down a few junctions on the motorway. It was a pretty good day weather wise, considering it was a) Britain, b) Wales specifically and c) Only March!
Seb found some driftwood to take home (the Mondeo obviously wasn’t full enough yet!) for Mum and John, and we all managed to get some fresh air and I think we even squeezed in a quick fish’n’chips shop visit.

Oh the ‘depends if there are any dogs around’ was a reference to letting Gwen off her lead. She is only a little dog, and wants to make friends with everyone/any dogs. Some dogs get a bit aggressive and she doesn’t defend herself very well.
Also, please excuse the wind on the microphone, didn’t have a sponge to stick on it sadly.

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