Dec 03 2009

Hey Everyone – I Have Been A Good Boy!

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I was speaking with a Russian man this week who was telling me how his son wanted an PlayStation 3 for Christmas. The son explained that he had behaved very well these last 12 months, and his school report had also been commendable. Given these conditions, he was hoping that Father Christmas might be able to stretch to a console this year. The father explained that Santa simply couldn’t afford to get a PS3 or similar expensive presents for every child in the world, and so to try and not be disappointed if he didn’t manage to get one for him.
The child’s response? (The parents split up a long time ago) I was hoping that Mummy’s Father Christmas could talk with your Father Christmas, and maybe get it as a joint present? A very pragmatic, cute and sensitive approach to an issue that can cause stress in other families when it comes to that time of year when you need to find Christmas presents, I thought.


So, Why am I mentioning this here? If your Santa Clauses tend to have problems coordinating matters at this busy time of year, there is help at hand. If when you ask your nearest and dearest for Christmas gift ideas they then hint that they would really like something that is out of your price range, edivvy can help you. Put simply they sell items and accept payments from multiple people. This way the cost can be cut between Mum and Dad, brothers and sisters, or for something really special, perhaps the entire extended family and close friends?
One feature I thought was quite well implemented is should you set up an event with multiple presents for someone, you can assign each gift a priority level. Should the friends and family end up being $20 short of a $850 total bill (for example), you can make sure certain gift ideas for Christmas are purchased first, so the TV could be the first choice, with the Flip camcorder being second. Any money “left over” in the pot can be sent onto the intended gift recipient as a gift card. So, check out the links, see if anything grabs your attention, and try setting up an event today.

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