Oct 12 2010

Henry Martin’s Ghost

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Back on the 17th March 2010 (St Patrick’s Day), I finally had a chance to begin to repay Mum (and John) for all the lifts they’ve given us over the years. I dropped them both off at a pub where Celtic-rooted people were planning to have a few (dozen) drinks to celebrate Pat’s day, and listen to Henry Martin’s Ghost at the same time.
Given the timing, it wasn’t surprising that a lot of the stereotypical tunes were demanded and played, and anything that the Dubliners had recorded in the past was familiar enough for me to remember. Despite the lack of alcohol on my part, there aren’t many good photos, and even this one had to be tweaked a lot. There were a couple that looked OK quality wise, but the people in them may not want them published, as everyone was already really quite relaxed by the time I came to pick up Mum and John!

Henry Martin's Ghost

Henry Martin's Ghost

I could just be mixing up my musical groups, but I think HMG have since disbanded? (Henry Martin’s Ghost, not the Labour government of her majesty at the time). Here is to hoping that an abomination of an ill-matched group of ne’er do wells don’t try and take over from the band, leading to another ConDem-ned nation! (credit to K.Haigh for the ConDem nation, she at least bought the hashtag to my attention back when people were still in shock, not sure if she actually invented the phrase).


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