Aug 17 2007

Help Requested

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 4:11 am

I have a account, for when I come across blogs that don’t allow comments unless you have such an account. Since re-installing Windows, following a failed hard drive,, and any blogs based there, including my own, have all the links and text in Russian. I think I have checked the usual suspects; Regional & Language settings in the control panel make no reference to Russia or Kazakhstan, FireFox itself has no Russian/Kazakh entries under the Advanced tab, under the general section, within the languages button. Ahh, that reminded me to check it under IE7, the same Russian links and text are there too, so it must be a global setting, rather than browser dependant.
I can’t think where else to look on this PC, nor can I think which settings I have changed compared to my pre-hard drive crash setup.
Anyone able to offer a suggestion?

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