May 04 2011

He Wasn’t The Thieves’ Leader Apparently!

Category: Eating OutChrisM @ 2:32 pm

OK, on to the next search term that people googled before they ended up at this blog, and a timely reminder… “Ali Baba restaurant Astana” is the term, and apparently they should be opening for business again this month. As they are an outdoors venue (albeit with a tent like covering), and combined with Kazakh’s discomfort with what a British or American visitor might consider a perfectly acceptable temperature to dine al fresco, we have to wait each year to be able to eat and drink there. It is one of my favourite places to chill out in, although you need to be careful if you decide to dine in one of the side tents, with their Kazakh style low tables and cushions on the floor to sit on – too many beers and you might just find the cushion makes an inviting pillow! This site appears to rank 5th, 6th and 7th with Google (I did sign out of Google to check the search wasn’t biased in my favour only because they knew it belonged to me – your results may vary?). If I was running a site that made income from visitors who were interested in a particular niche topic, be it Astana Restaurants or mattresses, then I could probably make some money out of these results, however I’m not aware of Ali Baba (click for their location on Google Maps) running any sort of affiliate scheme. I just hope a few visitors have read previous reviews when looking for somewhere to eat out in Astana, and decided to give them a shot!