Mar 07 2008

Have You Visited John’s New Blog Yet?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:26 am

Next time we get over to Swansea (well Clydach to be precise), I need to run through a few processes with John, to do with his new blog. He originally had one hosted with, but decided to buy a domain name and have the extra freedom (and headaches 😉 ) that having his own server to host the files would entail. So, if you’ve not yet made it over to Celt Photographic yet, take a moment to check it out. Although some sections are still work in progress, the main change is that the front page will be an area to display his photographs, although the actual blog posts (which apparently will improve in their frequency) are still accessible. We also have a coppermine photo gallery to play with on a related domain, but as I’ve not delved into that before, I’ll wait until we’re sat in the same room – some things are just more easily done in the ‘real’ world.

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