Jun 05 2012

Have You Been Flashed Recently?

Category: Kazakh Driving,PersonalChrisM @ 2:11 pm

I have heard stories (from other less careful drivers who may occasionally marginally drift slightly over the speed limit) of people being flashed by a speed camera here in Astana, and them then waiting for a few weeks to see if they will get pulled over randomly and fined. I previously had a link that allowed you to check the system to see if you had been caught or not. However the result was displayed in Kazakh, and so I didn’t want to post it. This link – now here, however is in English, and the results are as well. I’d not recommend choosing the All Cities option (Bce), as this seems to time out too often. Also, allow at least a few days between a flash on the road, and checking the system. Finally, when entering your Technical Passport Number, you may need to remove the first 0 in your documentation to fit in with their expected number.