Apr 24 2007

Has Google’s Page Rank Update Occurred?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:58 pm

Many website owners are currently checking their statistics, as rumours are rife that Google will be updating their Page Rank statistics any day now.
This site is currently at a PR of 2, which basically equates to a few people linking to me, and Google not considering this site to be a complete waste of your time.
OK, so that is paraphrasing and interpreting Google’s views on their own system, but I hope you’ll forgive me.
Anyway, quite a few forum members are currently asking if anyone has seen updates occur, but we all need to remember that mistakes do occur.
Click the link below to see the picture which illustrates the fact that machines CAN make mistakes

For a few minutes, the ‘Personal’ category at my blog allegedly has a Google Page Rank of 9!

PR9 for ChrisMerriman com

Yep, thats right, for a few minutes, if I chose to believe my PR extension for FireFox, rather than common sense, this blog had a PR of 9! (That would equate it the popularity of google.com or microsoft.com for example) :>

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