Jan 27 2010

Happy Burst Bubble Day!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 6:09 pm

Bubble wrap is fifty years old today! I have yet to come across someone with bubble wrap in their hands who doesn’t squeeze a few off, even if the precious contents of the box the wrap is inside is supposed to be more fun. Unlike the use thought up by the writers of Red Dwarf, bubble wrap was actually created as a sort of funky textured wall paper. Great unless you have children, cats or adults with poor impulse control in the house! People have taken the idea of Red Dwarf’s Tension Sheet, and created a viable product – a little keyring attachment with five or six permanent bubbles on it – pop one and the air just re-inflates a previously “popped” bubble!

Red Dwarf Tension Sheet (Bubble Wrap)

^^ No idea about the video, it was just first one I could find of people seeming to enjoy the popping 🙂 ^^