Jan 31 2008

Happy Birthday Irina :)

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Happy Birthday Irina

Today is my wife’s birthday. She is at work right now, but we are planning to finally visit a restaurant with some friends tonight (we have talked about checking it out since Tom was last here, but not got around to it), another meal with her work friends and colleagues tomorrow, and then finally some of her other, less happy with mingling with others, friends on Saturday. Less cooking for her, though over here, people tend to pay for all their guests when celebrating, so we need to make sure we’ve enough in the right bank accounts 🙂

Happy Birthday Wife

Anyway, I hope Ira does not have too busy a day at work, and that she enjoys the meals over the next few days. I’ll attempt to write a little on each restaurant, and we can hopefully use her new camera to snap a few shots.

Happy Birthday Ira

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