Aug 10 2009

Happy Anniversary Irina :)

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:01 am

Well, this day eight years ago, Ira and I were married (over here in Astana). Since that day, I haven’t regretted for one minute our decision to commit to each other for ever, and I want to thank her for making me complete – I’ll never be perfect (!), but I know she has helped me to move on from acting like a partying student 24/7, and try to consider the long term view before acting. With the joyful addition to our lives that is Anna, I look forward to many more memory-filled days with this new subset of the Merriman clan, and hope that our family and friends understand just how much we appreciate their support for us.

Wow, that was reasonably heart-felt/emotional considering I’m not making a toast, and haven’t had a drink in 14 or so hours!

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