Jun 21 2007

Happy Alexa News

Category: Friends,PersonalChrisM @ 5:46 pm

No, not a typo, I am of course glad that Alex will be here in a few days, but I’m actually referring to the Alexa rank on this blog.
Although the system is not perfect, it is an approximate way of measuring how many visitors a site receives, without accessing the raw server logs. Nine weeks ago, this blog was listed in the top 9 millions sites, traffic wise. The rank today (21st June 2007) currently stands at 339,194! Many thanks to those readers who have been here a while, and a big HELLO to those new to this blog.

One way of increasing traffic is to run competitions, which is exactly what the owner of the Reviews and More blog has done, hence this post linking to him. The more people who link to you, the more potential visitors will see your site, and at least consider visiting it. Of course, if you happen to have two sites, you can ask competition entrants to link to both of them, and in case you had not guessed by now, here is the other site – The Chronic Consumer, which is a shopping blog.

It does not effect how likely I am to win a cash prize, but if you get a spare moment, check out both sites, see what interests you, leave a comment perhaps If you think you will want to check back again, consider subscribing to the Reviews and More feed or The Chronic Consumer feed.

Please note, this post is NOT sponsored, it is an entry for the competition mentioned above.