Feb 03 2010

Hands Free Walking

Category: Anna's PhotosChrisM @ 6:23 pm

The 11th of January saw Anna taking her first few tottering steps between Irina and I, without a hand to hold on to, or reverting to crawling. I think she may have been doing this a few days already to be honest, but this was the first time we had thought to get the camera out. As I write this, she is now very confident walking around the room, without any encouragement, but back when the pictures were taken, Irina and I needed to be a few metres apart, with lots of encouragement for trying to walk solo. This meant I had to try and use the little gorillapod (tripod) JohnK kindly gave us, in conjunction with the shutter delay function on the camera. Unfortunately, this mostly ended up with shots of the living room instead of Anna. In the end I snapped a few shots with one hand, but obviously Anna’s well being came first, so the framing isn’t exactly perfect…

Anna Walking Handsfree!

Anna Walking Handsfree!

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