Jun 01 2012

Half For Alex

Category: Friends,VideosChrisM @ 4:22 pm

I was just going to ask you on Skype, but you’re not around right now. Probably asleep. Anyway, I’ll doubtless forget when we do cross paths online, so decided to write it here. Basically, how did the one photo per day project go? In case you need some motivation to re-start/continue it, I noticed this YouTube video and thought of you…

The other half is similar, but for anyone interested in hair growth, specifically face fuzz 🙂

I’ve gone with the whole wet shaving my entire head apart from a goatee-shaped (as mentioned to Lara recently, acually Van Dyke-shaped) area around the mouth. Which will probably last until shaving frequently gets boring, and I go back to general short fuzz everywhere again 🙂