Apr 18 2007

Had the start of a 419 scam via Skype

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 6:00 pm

I think.

Maybe I’m just being overly suspicious, but here is the transcript…

[16:41:03] Janet_Gyamfuah says: hello
[16:41:03] Janet_Gyamfuah says: hello
[16:41:56] Chris Merriman says: hi
[16:42:17] Janet_Gyamfuah says: how are u
[16:42:34] Chris Merriman says: fine thanks, and you?
[16:43:06] Janet_Gyamfuah says: i am also fine but i am looking for help in my education.
[16:43:23] Chris Merriman says: I see, what sort of help?
[16:43:42] Janet_Gyamfuah says: pls i need money for my school fees
[16:43:48] Janet_Gyamfuah says: can you help me?
[16:43:56] Chris Merriman says: i don’t have a job, unfortunately
[16:44:08] Janet_Gyamfuah says: oh i see
[16:46:38] Chris Merriman says: http://www.penpalpalace.com/penpal,id,10523,page,170,lang,jp.html – you might want to change your Skype name, people might google your name and get the wrong idea

So, if you have any money you don’t need, give it to me. You see that little tip jar area on the left hand side of this page? All credit & debit cards accepted :>

Or if you don’t want to do that, speak to Janet_Gyamfuah on Skype, and donate to her education. Apparently.
My humble apologies Janet, if you really are raising money to go to school via Skype. It is just that it sounds like a con to me.

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