Jun 18 2008


Category: VideosChrisM @ 2:54 am

My thanks to Alex’s Mat for spotting this video (he posted it to friends on Facebook originally).
Anyway, not one of those cliche 13yr-old-falls-off-a-balance-beam vids, nor someone jumping around with a twirly ribbon (seriously, how is that an Olympic event?).
No, we have Damien Walters mucking about on camera, and whilst some of the comments left on YouTube indicate he may have an ego issue, this could just be jealousy, anyway, take a look…

I love the spins off the wall, where he reverses the usual direction, and also where his tumbles result in him facing 180 degrees opposite from where he started. (OK, I know I don’t have a clue what the correct terminology is, but take a look, and you’ll get the idea hopefully.)

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