Feb 22 2011

Gymnastics & Decathlon

Category: VideosChrisM @ 10:34 pm

Back to some more Remi videos, as promised. The first is him playing the part of a Romanian gymnast. We have the still rings on a tram (I love the preparation involved with putting some chalk in the bin beforehand), a high beam performance, some parallel bar work (which the police don’t seem to bothered about) and finally some a routine involving a floor exercise on a conveniently shaped area of the street (with pedestrians diving out of the way when they realise what this strange man is attempting).

Secondly, we have Remi participating in his interpretation of the decathlon event. For some reason this video has had embedding disabled on YouTube, so I’ve used the DailyMotion version – I had originally swapped to YouTube as DM videos from Remi seem to have problems with interlacing effects (fast movements result in jagged edges whereas the YT version is fine). He plays with a tram again, this time attempting to out-sprint it, longjumping, shot putting with a very annoyed shopkeeper’s fruit, the high jump at the entrance to a construction site, a mid-distance run round a roundabout, hurdling over some barriers, discus on some chevrons at a road junction, pole vaulting into a hedge, throwing a fisherman’s rod as a javelin, and finally another run, this time out of a underground section of the metro transport system. I’m just glad someone can look even more ridiculous than Dan, Walton and I all did when attempting Kinect Sports. (I think you’ll need to be a friend on Facebook to be able to see those clips, I don’t think I’ve put them on the blog).

Décathlon (Rémi GAILLARD)
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