Dec 19 2007

Gwen Piccies

Category: Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 2:40 am

Whilst checking which photos I had yet to post, I came across these recent snaps of Gwen (Mum and John’s puppie), and though friends might want to see them.
The first is a little difficult to fathom, as I’m not sure what the slightly forlorn look in her eyes is all about – perhaps just plain tiredness after running about chasing her master all day? Or has she just been told that the tasty smelling joint of meat is not for canine canines to chomp on? It could just be that she saw the camera, and decided to take a pose 🙂

Gwen Basket Case

Secondly, we have Mum holding Gwen, which is a good enough photo in its own right; when you consider Mum is smiling, obviously aware of the camera by the fact she is looking right into the lens, this photo is even more cool and unusual 🙂

Gwen Mum Smiling

Oh and Winamp just played a classic Christmas hit, and I started smiling. Must be soon now… Yep, less than a week to go 🙂

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