Oct 27 2010

Guns n’ Roses Bar – Astana

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Looking for the Astana branch’s telephone number? Skip to the end of this post
Right, I am going to try and catch up with some of the videos and pictures that were recently uploaded to their respective media hosting sites, but didn’t quite make it to the blog (there was some sort of issue with the free WiFi at the time, either some URLs or ports appeared to be blocked). First we have a clip from the Guns n’ Roses bar here in Astana. It is situated where North Wind “pub” used to work from. This is the house band playing after a lovely meal. I know the quality isn’t great, but this was the best of the bunch. It was very unusual to see the dance floor full for most of the evening – more on the differences between the venue under its new Guns n’ Roses chain management and the old North Wind style later.

Just shot this clip (#qik) http://qik.ly/DH3r4

OK, depending on your exact search term, this site is either #1, #1 and #2 or even #1, #2 AND #3 when you google for Guns & Roses Astana. Having just re-checked their website (which has FINALLY made it into the top 10), there are no contact details given for the Astana branch. It looks as though they haven’t altered the site since this one opened. Unfortunately, the business cards they were (originally?) handing out also have an incorrect number on, so in case you want to make a reservation, please call +7 7172 591809 . No reward has been given for this post, but feel free to tell staff I sent you – a free beer once a month would be a nice start from them 😉