May 22 2008

Grote Broer Is Watching You!

Category: Aware Or Conspiracy Nut...,In The MediaChrisM @ 9:39 pm

This is definitely one of those cases where it is difficult to tell whether unfolding events are heading towards a better crime-free world, or simply Big Brother worming its way even further into our everyday, law-abiding lives… de Telegraaf (a Dutch newspaper) originally reported this issue, where the police will have access to live video feeds from security cameras in shops and some businesses. Check here for a little more detail. Basically, if an alarm is raised, police can easily tell whether a robbery is taking place, or perhaps a till operator has simply mistakenly nudged the button. However, the idea that such video feeds are now fed into a central system, means that should security services, and other government intelligence agencies can now follow our every day lives a lot more easily.
(Grote Broer? Dutch for Big Brother apparently.)

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