Jun 29 2009

Gros Getting Smaller?

Category: KazakhstanChrisM @ 9:55 pm

Has anyone reading this site (who happens to live in Astana) noticed a problem with the Gros chain of supermarkets? For a few months now, when you go into their stores§, the shelves are pretty empty, and where you do find full shelves, there is nothing like the variety of brands that they used to stock. OK, so I’m not likely to cry over the missing low alcohol lager/pilsners, but you can no longer assume that walking over/stopping a taxi momentarily will result in being able to get anything other than the bare essentials.
So, are all the stores relocating to other locations, and running down their stock, or will Gros eventually quit Kazakhstan’s capital altogether? If you speak to the staff and ask when they might be getting XYZ back in stock, you are either met with a blank expression (not entirely a new situation), or told with a smile that it will be soon.
Unlike banks, I think I can risk a supermarket closing rumour without fear of jailtime being involved. If the 1 in 100,000 chance of someone who works at Gros reading this post actually happens, feel free to drop me a message (see the about / contact me page), and I’m happy to keep any such communications strictly anonymous, should you prefer.

§ – OK, to be honest this is only a sample of three of their stores in Astana.
(Gros(s)=Groß=Big=Opposite of small, in case the post title was too obscure once more.)

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