Jul 13 2009

Gros, Cheese, Ham and Pizzas

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:16 am

Well I’ve not found anyone picking up on my theory that Gros stores may be closing down or relocating in Astana, and as I have not yet been subpoenaed over the original post, I’ll assume the powers that be don’t care either 🙂 We popped into one of their rivals last week (Ramstore), and found some imported cheddar (American), mozzarella and what looks to be ham. I say looks to be, as the packaging is Turkish, and says Jambon. I think I remember that from French lessons as being ham, and as the meat product is pink, oval-ish and thinly cut, I’m hoping it to be so. Anyway, combined with the pizza bases also found in Ramstore, we cooked a couple last week, and the general consensus was that they were tastier than the pre-made ones 🙂

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