Aug 04 2007

Great Find In The Park

Category: Eating Out,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 1:34 am

This evening, Ira and I went to find a new cafe to eat at, in Astana Park. Her parents had told us about a place that did good sashliq, and was not too pricey. When I discovered which one it was, I had my doubts straight away; a couple of months back we went in there, and walked out straight away, as the air was incredibly stuffy. Luckily the evening was still warm, so we plonked ourselves in their outdoor seating area.
The food was good, I had beef sashliq, which for once was cooked properly all the way through, but still retained some juiciness and flavour. Anyway, to the next person that comes out to visit us, we now have another local cafe/restaurant that we will be happy to take you to 🙂
PS Walton/Asel, if you read this, we may just have found a new Cafe Shimkent… it was a little more pricey, but the surroundings certainly make up for it, and the food was great.
PPS Walton, the vodka was cheap 🙂

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