Sep 12 2007

Google Earth Software Updated

Category: In The Media,PersonalChrisM @ 4:34 am

As you may remember, I have been using Google Earth to help plan out some of the upcoming Amsterdam trip – there is no point in deciding to visit four museums in one day, if they are all miles from each other, for example. Anyway, thanks to a kind forum member over at, I was informed of an update Google have made. Apart from a number of background tweaks, if you now press Ctrl+Alt+A, you can slip into a basic flight simulation mode, and take off from a few different airports around the world. The ability to easily ‘fly’ around areas certainly brings a new perspective to looking at out planet, though without an analogue controller of some description, you may well find it difficult to be very accurate with your headings. I’ve yet to try my steering wheel & pedals combo…
On a similar note, the BBC have published an article on fresh satellite data being used in conjunction with Google Earth in an attempt to find the missing Steve Fossett. If you don’t know who he is, stick his name in as a search term at your favourite search engine – his achievements are pretty impressive. Anyway, people are now looking for a 30 by 20 pixel blob on maps around the area his plane could have gone down, though the American military has thumbed their noses at the idea, scoffing at the idea that civilian satellite imagery is good enough to detect such a small presence.

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