Jan 31 2007

Google (AdSense) Sucks

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:40 am

My appeal has been turned down (they had suspended my account).

Apparently, someone had been clicking on my adverts, and not in a ‘normal’ way.
This occurred just before my first payment was due, so all my work and late nights over the past 7 or 8 months have been wasted. Completely.

If Google told me when it occurred, and on which site, I could check my server logs, and find out who it was (to a certain degree at least), and then provide the logs to Google to defend myself.
That request was ignored though, with a bland cut’n’paste reply from them.

MattG has already been helping me with other possible sources of income, before Google dropped the bombshell, so once I get back into the work routine here in Astana, I’ll be trying out other schemes. Supposed to be getting a ‘proper’ daytime job soon anyway, so won’t have as much time to work on the sites 🙁

[edit] Wrote this draft message at the beginning of January, but didn’t publish it, in case Google actually read any of my messages I’d sent and decided to properly investigate the case. They didn’t, but have at least paid around $200 of the $270 I had earned. I still think they could have responded in a different manner, and even if I couldn’t get my account (& therefore income) going again, I really would have liked to try and find out who was responsible for destroying all my hard work…
Hey Ho, on to happier thoughts….

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