Aug 22 2007

Good Summary Over At KZBlog

Category: In The Media,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 2:14 am

If you would like to read a little background information on last weekend’s election, and the accusations that the opposition parties are alleging, head on over to the NurOtan Wins post at KZBlog.
Even a non-political, non-Oppoistion supporting citizen over here (who shall remain nameless, but isn’t a family member or friend) when watching the Khabar TV channel, observed that the choice of edits made, when presenting a round up of a previous TV debate between the ruling party and opposition politicians, was outrageously one sided. Perhaps Kazakhstan will not see Western style democracy for a long time, perhaps a generation or three. Some would argue that is no bad thing. I’ll leave you to make your own decision, but for those that claim it is simply not in the country’s culture to push hard for free and fair elections, with real a political party system, I would point them to look at several African states. For centuries, tribal systems, colonists and dictatorial leaders imposed their will upon millions of citizens. Although groups may still the streets with guns, the elections have, in some cases, been very free, with changes in the governing party taking place.

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