Jul 26 2007

Glos Flood Webcams

Category: Personal,WeatherChrisM @ 3:51 am

I seem to have a huge surge in visitors, specifically searching for webcams covering the areas affected by the recent flooding.
For some reason www.ChrisMerriman.com is #1 on Google for both webcam glos tewksbury and tewksbury flooding webcam .
As I don’t actually have any links to these sorts of webcams, I thought I would find a couple. As it is currently dark in Britain, I can not tell how useful the following cameras are, but unlike a few others I found, they do appear to be updated very often. The first is Nailsworth Weather Webcam, and the second is a Morten-in-Marsh webcam.
The only Tewksbury (England) webcams I could find had not been updated in days, in one case, not since May!

Anyway, for those people who arrive at this site looking for flooding pictures, check below, for those looking for non-static images, check the links above.

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