Aug 02 2007

Get Well Soon

Category: Personal,PicturesChrisM @ 5:31 am

Irina’s dad is currently in hospital, taking some tests to try and discover what his illness is being caused by. I wish him a speedy conclusion to the tests, and an even speedier recovery.

Get Well Soon

Just in case he should ever see this post (doubtful) – ???????? ????????? ??????? ?????
Actually, that appears to be more like ‘you will obtain the best way soon’, hopefully ???????? ????? is a little closer? I’m sure Ira or Oleg will be along soon enough to help me out 😉
Oh, if you are reading this Oleg, have you made contact with Mum & John yet, to confirm to them if you are able or not to come and visit them this year?

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