Apr 02 2008

Further Testing Of Plugin Compatibility With WordPress 2.5

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As previously mentioned, I have used my sacrificial lamb test blog to check how things would go if I upgrade all my other blogs to WordPress 2.5 . From previous experience I know that updating WP can cause problems, and if core parts of your site rely on certain plugins, if the plugins no longer work, you can end up with a real head ache.
So, having compiled a list of all the plugins I use across the various blogs, I installed each to test.chrismerriman.com, and then checked that their functions (both in-post, background and sidebar-based) still, well, functioned.

I am happy to report that the following plug ins continued to work as expected with WordPress 2.5 : 404 Notifier, Bad Behavior, Blog Voyeur, Comment Referrers, Different Posts Per Page, Easy IP2Country, Executable PHP widget, FeedBurner FeedSmith, Fuzzy Recent Comments, Google XML Sitemaps, randomimage, runPHP, ShareThis, Subscribe To Comments, WordPress Automatic Upgrade, wp-GotLucky, wp-headlineanimator, WP-UserOnline, WP-UserOnline Widget and Zap_NewWindow

However, Fuzzy Widgets, Sticky Post, WP Random Tagline all have issues of varying importance.
Fuzzy widgets – The widget title is not displayed correctly
Sticky post – Must be disabled for the blog to display
WP Random Tagline – The tagline is displayed in extra white space inserted above the blog, and minor admin issues when enabled/disabling

I’ll be updating you with further info if/when the authors update their code, and I notice 😉

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