Jun 23 2008

Full Internet Access Has Returned

Category: Internet Connections,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 6:05 pm

Over some of the weekend, for some reason, I was not able to access most websites. I could visit google.com, run searches and check in on Facebook etc. (hi Claire/Wednesday 🙂 ).
However, trying to visit most other sites, even the News section on google resulted in pages not being found. I checked the sites themselves were OK by visiting them via a proxy server, however I wasn’t happy logging into this blog to create posts, as this would leave my user name and password in some log somewhere. Anyway, all things appear back to normal now. If any other Megaline customers in Astana read this, did you have the same problems, or was it restricted to those who connect via the company that looks after the flats on SaryArka?

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