Apr 08 2011

From Club To Bar To Home Over Six Days

Category: FriendsChrisM @ 9:50 pm

Last night over at the Bahat restaurant and bar was a good evening. Though certainly more formal that the previous weekend’s trip to Insomnia, it was nice to be able to chill out with mellow music, drink a few pints and just talk without having to raise your voice over loud music. I definitely felt a little underdressed there (it isn’t like I was wearing parish clothing, I had a reasonably smart shirt and clean trousers on), but most other men seemed to either have come straight from their office, or just wear suits in the evening anyway. Despite a few people wimping out early (though their presence was appreciated, obviously), David and I eventually took the hint that they were closing when the music was turned down so low we couldn’t recognise the samples, and all the bottles of spirits were being locked away at the bar. Despite it all, I was still in bed by my normal time, and managed to squeeze in a couple of quick posts. Sadly I still have a few to write this evening, so it looks as though I’ll not be making it down to Guns and Roses.