May 11 2011

From Chairs To Nappies

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 12:30 pm

On the same day as the previous picture (21st of May 2010), Irina shot a couple of videos. Still very happy with her chair, here we have Anna following in her mummy’s ways by sitting on a chair a little oddly. Quite quickly she then becomes more interested in the camera Ira is holding…

This second, slightly longer clip starts with Anna again being reminded of how to properly (and safely) sit on a chair (a prime case of “do what I say, not what I do!). You can just hear the squeak the chair produces at 13 seconds, but it took a few months for Anna to become bigger (and weigh more), before the noise production wasn’t so hit and miss. Anna then notices some rubbish on the floor, and decides to help tidy up. Rejecting the offer from Irina to take the rubbish and sort it later, she heads straight to where a rubbish bag is sat by the front door. However, by this time she has found a new treasure – a nappy bag also waiting to be thrown out. It is eventually agreed upon that this too is rubbish, and so Anna decides to investigate the camera one more 🙂