Sep 02 2007

Fresh Content over at the English Advantage Blog

Category: FriendsChrisM @ 3:21 am

As Walton, the author of the English Advantage blog, is now back in Kazakhstan, posts have resumed over there. He created a post on Slang used in American schools that I found useful, so check it, and the rest of the blog, out when you get a moment. If you happen to be based in Astana, you may also find his business very useful if you have an interest in learning English. Even more so, if you wish to visit America one day, to attend university for example. He has also recently joined up with PayPerPost, so can earn a little extra money informing his readers of useful sites and products.

Post NOT sponsored, the linked to blog’s author is a friend, this post was created for free. Unless his giving me ciggies when I run out count? LMAO

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