May 22 2008

French TV

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 4:08 am

I’ve just finished watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind on TV. Unfortunately, the channel it was broadcast on (Sci-Fi on the Hotbird satellite) does not have any EPG information, so I could not tell what time the film started. This meant I don’t whether I was watching the original/special edition/director’s cut. However, I can’t really moan, as this version of the channel is actually broadcast for French people, so any films or TV series when the original English audio track is available on the second audio channel is a bonus really.
I just really wish that the company had held on to the original sound track to the Quantum Leap TV series (which they often play); my French is just about good enough to follow the shows if I turn on the subtitles, but this does take away from the enjoyment somewhat. Anyway, following that they played an episode of The Twilight Zone – (which I now know is called the ‘4th dimension’ in French TV for some reason). Well, given that you are supposed to buy a card to subscribe to these sorts of channels, I really can’t moan too much 😉 This episode/collection of TTZ had one I remember well, with the gremlin on the plane wing, and some others I’d not seen before, including a quite cool short one that featured a racist man being thrown back in time to Nazi-occupied France, the Korean/Vietnam war (I couldn’t figure out which), and in the middle of a KKK meeting. Not exactly subtle with its message, but still worth the watch…

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