Apr 18 2011

Freerunning Tubes With A Compressed Godfather

Category: VideosChrisM @ 12:28 pm

Freerunning Academy – love the camerawork, the freerunning (obviously), but pretty near the top is the music. Check the YT page for a link to download it. There was a time when running up a wall and bouncing over was something fun to do, right now I just look and think how many sprained ankles/fag breaks I’d need 🙂 News to come on that front in the future…

Tube instrument medley. Guy builds (another) instrument from PVC tubes and whacks them with a paddle (a la Blue Man Group). Obviously the creation is carefully planned to ensure all notes are available. Worth watching through, as you might not recognise a few of the tracks, but he covers a few genres, and the ending is equally impressive.

The Godfather movie in one minute, in one take!