Aug 27 2007

(Free) WordPress Blogs Are Offline In Turkey

Category: Aware Or Conspiracy Nut...,In The MediaChrisM @ 2:46 am has been officially blocked in Turkey! Although that does not effect this blog, anyone who uses the WordPress server to host their own free blog will find that Turkish people are unable to access their blog! There are of course ways to circumvent this issue, however for the average Turkish internet user, any friends who have a WordPress hosted blog, will no longer be contactable via their site. For some background info from the man who actually created the WordPress software, check his post here.
This blog is not affected, as I only use the WordPress software on my own server, so the IP range that has been blocked does not include me. However, if anyone tried to reach John’s Blog, they would get an error message. Which reminds me – JOHN, WRITE A POST, IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG… SO LONG IN FACT EVEN YOUR BLOG IS COMPLAINING!

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