Jan 16 2011

Forgetting Leads To Calculating

Category: Internet Connections,PersonalChrisM @ 1:01 am

I forgot to bring a copy of the list of the Windows Mobile based programs I wanted to continue writing about with us to Chubary, so that will have to wait until next week for a continuation of the series. At some point I need to consider uploading documents like that to Google Docs, so I don’t need to bring thumb drives or a portable hard drive with me when I want to work away from home. That said, I’m then relying on Megaline (the major ISP over here) to keep access to the internet working well. I wonder if anyone has done a green study to check which option actually uses more electricity? I’m guessing that a 7200 RPM external drive would draw the most power, but comparing mA drawn by a thumb drive vs. an ADSL modem (which would be on already anyway, and so perhaps just the extra juice required to resolve a few URLs and download a doc would be fairer?) might be too precise a job for my multimeter.