Feb 23 2007

For People Who Play At Work…

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USB Stealth Switch

When you click the Stealth Switch with your foot it instantly and completely hides any PC application or software window you have chosen. So you can do what you want on your PC at work or home and never get caught. James Bond eat your heart out! This really makes your PC…For Your Eyes Only. The USB Stealth Switch is the The Worlds First Computer Cloaking Device!

From what I can see, a pretty flawless concept, my one concern is that you would need to have admin rights on your PC to install the associated software. (My assumption, they don’t mention it on the page, I just can’t see how something that could hide everything so well could be achieved otherwise.)
So… if you either have full rights on your work PC, or are friendly with your Tech Support, give it a go.

PS The link above isn’t an affiliate link or anything, I just noticed it whilst looking for Christmas gifts, last December, and thought it might be of use.

USB Foot Operated Stealth Switch

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