May 13 2009

Flying Soon, Sleep Sooner Hopefully

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 11:36 pm

So, five hours until I need to get up and help prepare and Anna for the beginning of our journey back to Kazakhstan, and I still have a few things to complete. I have tried to leave Mum and John’s PCs in a fit state, with essential updates installed, and useless applications removed (useless in that they won’t be used by anyone else whilst we’re back in Kazakhstan). Having run out of space on my newer portable hard drive, I am left hoping that the older one has enough space left to copy files over to. The oldest drive (itself donated by ChrisD) has been passed onto Con, who had a greater need than I. (Hope your time in Thailand goes well, and that you fall off no more motorbikes). I hope that within a couple of months of returning to life in Kazakhstan I will have time to complete a few side projects, like checking out the Merriman ancestral history – I would be interested to see if all the people with a surname of Merriman are actually related (found a few more via Twitter recently), and whether there was any sort of pattern in our interests/jobs etc. Am I alone in my speciality of Tech Support, or are there other Merrimans who enjoy creating analogies to assist confused people when it comes to techy jargon?

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