Jul 23 2007

Floods – All OK, Family Wise

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Well, I’ve now heard back from all the family, and everyone is OK.
Dad’s house is OK, but the town itself (Evesham) was quite badly hit, and his car got pretty badly flooded, he is waiting to hear how long it will take to repair the damage done – I’m assuming the electrics were worst hit.
Nick (my brother) lives on a hill, so as he so succinctly put it, if he gets flooded, the whole town is pretty buggered.
Mum and John, who were down visiting my bro at the time I spoke to him, were very lucky with the timing of their journey – they had already left all the roads that were isolated by the rains – so luckily no unplanned overnight stays in their car 🙂

UK Floods

The photo above does look slightly staged, though it still me made smile.

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