May 22 2009

First Kazakh Video With Anna

Category: Anna's Videos,PersonalChrisM @ 11:18 am

Here we have Anna at her Babushka’s in her bouncy Chair, shot on the 22nd May

Finally we have a very short video of Anna in the back garden at the in-laws, shot a few days later when Aunty Sveta et al visited (26th May)

Right, I need to check if there are any new videos waiting on the hard drive to be uploaded of Anna. There are a lot more already on YouTube of Kazakhstan, Dubai and Britain in general, but they’ll have to wait until I’ve at least cleared the backlog of Anna’s pictures, and I’d like to transfer and upload the DV camcorder footage we took of Anna back in Britain.

Wow, there are a few there, I’m uploading them now, but will probably have to leave it running over night (I’m actually writing this post Thursday night, but post dating it 12 hours so there is a bit of a gap between blog entries.)

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